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Animals dominate the second half of the programme. Day in, day out, he terrorizes an Indian family who adopted him into their home months ago as a cute little chick. With this intimate portrait, which draws on film noir among other things, we release you into the cool November night — fully entertained, we hope! An animated rollercoaster ride through the respiratory system depicts what happens inside the nostrils during a cold. Seoro Oh b. After studies in screenwriting and social sciences, Sarah Pellerin pursued a surprising professional path.

She has written, directed, and produced various shorts and web series. A couple wakes up in bed together. He accepts that, but then a spontaneous joke turns things around in a dodgy way Jonatan Etzler was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in Geplagt von Emotionen versucht er, das Erlebte zu verarbeiten. Mehrmals verlieren sie ihre Selbstkontrolle und lassen ihren Frust an ihren Mitmenschen aus. They repeatedly lose their self-control, taking their anger out on others.

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A coyote loses his wife and children to an attack by wolves. As he tries to come to terms with his grief, he is increasingly haunted by hallucinations and possessed by evil. Anna Mantzaris is a Swedish director and animator based in London. She works mainly in stop motion and has a soft spot for things that are sad and funny at the same time.

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Lorenz Wunderle b. He received his BA in 2D animation and his MA in animation from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and has been working as an animator and filmmaker since his graduation. A rooster is adopted into a middle-class household in Mumbai. The tyrannical, obstinate bird makes life in the apartment uncomfortable if not unlivable until, one day, the family starts debating whether the rooster should live or be served for dinner.

Victoria is expecting a baby and needs to make a decision about her unwanted pregnancy. But instead of making a choice, she goes looking for mysterious Tony. Malena Filmus was born in Buenos Aires in Auf ebenso ungeschminkte wie beklemmende Weise zeigt der Film auf, dass sexueller Missbrauch selbst im ach so aufgeschlossenen Hipster-Milieu ein Tabuthema sein kann. Stefan Staub. Through scenes of their relationship that seem partially improvised, and with the help of a hand-held camera, Frei creates a striking city film that paints an ambiguous picture of urban existence.

Both blunt and disturbing, the film shows that sexual abuse can be a taboo subject even in the oh-so openminded hipster milieu. Three original animations round out the programme. Andrea Schneider has compiled an atmospheric collage for the latest video by her animation colleague and musician Fabio Friedli aka Pablo Nouvelle; the work addresses the desire for new approaches and the return to foreign lands.

Switzerland , 22'58", digital file, colour, Swiss German with English subtitles, Doc. Fernab vom Alltag beginnt ein Wettstreit um einen Platz auf dem Podest, wobei starke Nerven genau so wichtig sind, wie das richtige Ballmaterial. What others do for fun is serious business for them: a small community from across the country gathers at the minigolf course in Amriswil to determine the Swiss mini-golf champion. The competition for a place on the podium requires both steady nerves and the right equipment. Marvin Meckes was born in Germany in Fahrzeuge kollidieren, erst sanft, dann heftig.

Lively characters emerge from photo collages and noises. Vehicles collide, gently at first, then violently. The crashes soon turn into an archaic fun ride, not without consequences. Destruction and creativity are one. Lotti Bauer is a freelance animator based in Zurich.

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She teaches fundamentals of design with a focus on illustration and animation. Ein freudiges Wiedersehen am Bahnhof, zwei Menschen fallen sich in die Arme. Als ein unbekannter Dritter dazu kommt und spurlos verschwindet, bricht das Ungesagte heraus. When a third person, a stranger, joins them and then disappears without a trace, all that has remained unsaid starts to erupt. Cosima Frei b. During a year abroad in New Zealand, she discovered her passion for film. Paris Softly, it roams the streets, ambushing old and new monuments, appropriating them.

While the city tries to restore its innocence, the state of emergency creeps into daily life and, eventually, into the constitution. Jela Hasler b. She studied photography in Zurich and Istanbul as well as video in Lucerne. Jela is a board member and the general secretary of Pro Short, the Swiss association for short films.

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Aus Sehnsucht losgehen, aus Neugier weitergehen, Erinnerungen sortieren, Wege suchen und in die Fremde heimkehren. Depart with yearning, continue with curiosity, organize memories, search for paths, and return home to foreign lands. Andrea Schneider was born in Zurich in She studied animation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, graduating in , and now works as a freelance animator in Zurich. A tadpole fails to develop into a frog and is left behind. A little story about growing up.

Nils Hedinger b. He works as a freelance filmmaker and realizes his own projects. Alles easy. Immer noch alles easy? All good. A little partying, some drugs, ignoring the gravity of life together. Weekend to weekend, open relationships, a little sex among friends. Not saying no, not talking about it, trying not to overreact. Still all good? Luisa Ricar was born in Zurich in After graduating from high school with honours, she worked as a production intern at Plan B Film.

She is also a freelance journalist for Das Magazin and a moderator for Kanal K. Since , she has been studying film at ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts , with a focus on directing and screenwriting. Kyros Kikos. Dismissed, or Kill Your Darlings Organizing a festival such as Kurzfilmtage is not an easy undertaking. Running this six-day event smoothly, with as few hiccups as possible, requires an outstanding, efficient, and stress-resistant team.

Naturally, the top people should therefore be tasked with the most nerve-racking jobs, performing duties at the bar and box office, on the technical and editorial staff, in the screening venues and at the welcome desk. Less capable team members, in turn, are best employed in positions where they can do little damage, for instance, as festival directors or board members. Finally, the most inept staff members are to be relegated to the selection committee of the International Competition, in hopes that the sense of allegiance thusly created will keep them from meddling in important festival operations.

The selection team can rave about the visual beauty, technical quality, and topicality of the selected works all they want — the truth is that they have once again demonstrated how completely clueless they are when it comes to true greatness and real art. Or why else would they have so disdainfully rejected the following films? Films that fill our hearts with that sweet sense of rapturous ecstasy! Fortunately, this programme allows us to nevertheless present these true cinematic gems to you, dear audience, so please enjoy the show!

Matthew John Smith b. Die Bedeutung einer Handlung existiert nur aus individueller Perspektive und ist — vom Sonnensystem aus betrachtet — nie zwingend. A journey of individuals and their creations through time and space. Any meaning of action only exists from the perspective of the individual, but is never imperative when looking at it from the perspective of a solar system. A film about the melancholy of accepting chaos as beautiful and cosmic. A horoscope for an Icelandic waterfall. Analogy, synaesthesia, and astrology are of particular interest to Galaxia Wang who, through his practice, invents all sorts of systems, languages, and cosmogonies upsetting fixed identities.

An oral history of one of the most disturbing educational films ever made. But making a film truer to the events that transpired proves difficult in a modern world of fake news, commercial interests, ever-changing perspectives, and an endless flow of misinformation. Seven animation artists joined forces to create this collaborative film project, with each artist contributing an approximately one-minute-long sequence.

Die Parodie einer Fernseh-Malsendung. Watch Joan paint beautiful snowy mountains and debate extraterrestrial sexuality with herself!

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The signature technique used in his films is a kind of dynamic computer simulation that embraces spontaneity, randomness, and mistakes. In preparation for the moon landing in , NASA sent a team of astronauts to the lunar landscapes of Iceland. Their hi-tech training mission soon discovers the obstacles one can meet when faced with an Icelandic sheep farmer.

Bobbie Peers b. That same year, Bobbie also released the first in a series of highly successful fantasy novels. He continues to both write and direct. Short Matters Kurzfilme erlauben kreative, ja provokative Experimente und laden die RegisseurInnen ein, mit filmischen Stilmitteln zu spielen.

Sie bringt die nominierten Filme an zahlreiche Filmfestivals und Institutionen in und ausserhalb von Europa. John Canciani.

Short Matters Short films allow for creative experiments and provocation, and they invite artists to play with cinematic styles. For some filmmakers, they mark the starting point of their career, for others, they remain the main form of expression that they keep exploring. It is an important objective of the European Film Academy to support talented young filmmakers and to celebrate the variety of European film culture.

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At each of the 15 partner festivals, an independent jury nominates one of the European short films in competition for the European Short Film Award. The members of the European Film Academy then watch all the nominated films and vote for the overall winner, which is announced at the European Film Awards ceremony. We are delighted to show the film in Winterthur one more time. The EFA Short Film Initiative has long been a staple on the international short film calendar, and the interest in this selection of shorts has constantly grown over the past years.

The nominated films are presented at 50 screenings around the world, from Madrid to Macau, from Taiwan to Tallinn. The selection in the Short Matters programme offers a diverse panorama of young contemporary European filmmaking. Jannis Lenz was born in Stuttgart in His films have screened at many international festivals including Rotterdam and Edinburgh and won several awards. Sie formulieren Hypothesen, vertrauen sich einander an und vergessen schliesslich die seltsamen Bilder aus der Maschine ebenso wie sich selbst. At work, two graphic designers accidentally start playing with an empty scanner.

They begin to make assumptions and open up to each other, losing track of the strange images that come from the machine until they eventually lose themselves. Lack of money forces him to drive clients who destroy his vehicle to bachelor parties, but he is not prepared to lose his dignity.

Die Geschichte von Copa-Loca, einem verlassenenen griechischen Ferienort. Paulina ist der Dreh- und Angelpunkt der Kleinstadt. This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Langsam kommen die Barsche in Fahrt und werden dicker. This is the law of nature. Is Tuesday too early for a throwback? I kept using the same preset for the past few months while I got a total of 94 beautiful Lightroom presets.

Just few days ago, I realized, I should use the other presets I have, to give the creator a pleasant surprise using my outputs as a return for giving me the opportunity to use their presets for FREE! It took me days before I am able to find the next Preset I want. This will be my preset for half of the month.

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During the Second Temple period of Judaism a new literary form developed called 'apocalyptic' as a mediated revelation of heavenly secrets to a human sage concerning messages that could be cosmological, speculative, historical, teleological, or moral. The best-known development of this type of literature, however, came to fruition in the New Testament and is, of course, the Book of Revelation, attributed to the apostle John, and which figures prominently in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

This collection of essays, the result of the ACMRS Conference, treats the topic of catastrophes and their connection to apocalyptic mentalities and rhetoric in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with particular reference to reception of the Book of Revelation , both in Europe and in the Muslim world. The twelve authors contributing to this volume use terms that are simultaneously helpful and ambiguous for a whole range of phenomena and appraisal. If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here:.