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Last but not least, Saturn, the most dreaded name in the astrological realm, is actually the biggest 'victim', with the highest number of enemies of all planets: Sun, Moon and Mars. I guess I can illustrate the Moon being enemy to Saturn as - the Moon and Saturn being roomates, the Moon keeps buying all sorts of stuff since he always wants new things, while Saturn the minimalist is pulling his hair out trying to create less waste and reuse objects which the Moon calls: old junk as much as possible.

ASTRO SURKHIYAN: Planetary Friendships

But not all is dark for Saturn since he can count on his two friends, Mercury and Venus, to cheer him up. One of the main things surging from the natural relationships of the planets is the concept of Laajitadi Avasthas - describing the 'feelings' of the planets in your chart, which reflects in how you actually get to feel about things.

Conjunctions, aspects and being in the sign of enemies will hurt. Being with friends or receiving aspects from them , or in their sign, or being in a good dignity can make you proud or delighted.

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  • There are funny situations when planets are debilitated but in a natural friend sign, which will provide some delight. And another twist: Saturn will make any planet he's with, even his friends, feel starved unfulfilled. The Sun will agitate frustrate any planet he shares a Rasi with, also regardless of friendship. However, as with all things in life, most people have a mix of avasthas and it's the astrologer's role to actually assess how they will affect you. If you want to study more on the subject, you can check out Ernst Wilhelm's book Graha Sutras and Laajitaadi Avasthas classes on astrology-videos.

    Because I like symmetry, I'll end in the same note as I started and leave you in the company of the bitterness-inclined birds of passage portrayed in the picture below :.

    Calculating Planetary Dignity and its Usefulness

    Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. It is necessary for the native to complete Budha's tutorial along the spiritual path before one can be in a position to apprehend the massively awesome dharma of Brihaspati. Nevertheless, the philosophical teaching program of the Great Sage is permanently at loggerheads with the mental training program of the Quick Minded Adolescent. Rather ironically, at the higher levels of consciousness, one must unlearn some of the values of the lower education.

    For example, it becomes necessary to surrender attachment to the distinction between human right and wrong. But this surrender should occur only AFTER the distinction has been acquired so that the native can apply the discrimination skill in human society as needed to protect those with lower consciousness. Naturally, Budha enters the nichha state in Guru's rashi of Meena. Interestingly, a nichha-bhanga parivartamsha Budha - extremely non-discriminating or childlike thinking projected to a high level of clairsentient awareness Meena - may be found in the nativities of some great teaching mystics such as Theory of Relativity Physics Albert Einstein.

    Zukra vs. Guru Brihaspati prefers a one-to-many , professor-to-class, preacher-to-congregation, divine-to-worshippers modality that focus upon wisdom and inclusion. However Zukra prefers one-to-one relationships that focus upon material pleasures and accumulation of values; these relationships are generally human-to-human and based on exclusive contracts. Surya's independent, confident behaviors flourish in uttama mesha; Guru's expansive, inclusive wisdom burns brightly, and even separative Ketu enjoys Mesha's sharp, clean cut.

    Vrishabha promotes the Treasury and sensual pleasures. Budha's pleasant conversation, Shani's orderliness. Surya, Guru Surya's divine faith limits golden truth to the shape of golden coins; Guru's wisdom-preaching channels into false cults of affluence and visual beauty. Mithuna promotes every type of information exchange, from bookkeeping accounts to sexual encounters. Chandra's emotional needs can be satisfied by a steady flow of information. Zukra's develops relationship curiosity, while Shani enforces an order upon the tale-telling but does not stop the story.

    Rahu the Poseur thrives on new information and uses it to propel Himself to an illegitimately higher station in life. Aspects from malefics, or a debilitated ruler of the 11th House in the 12th House brings up the possible danger that your friends become your enemies. Rahu and especially Ketu is always trouble maker. Any connection of Rahu and Ketu to these house gives problem with enemies. What is Astrology.

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