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DareRick DeVine I think were soul mates look me up. Nisharga Why I am born 19 November? Marife Why are you not happy? Kevin Hi everyone! Im so happy with my life,why? Becoz i got my angel she's 19 november and this horoscope reading was so perfect,and the best part we share the same month , I'm 1 November. It's really good to hear you are happy with your partner who was born on nov Alex Very attractive.

Aya Most definitely! One thing I have truly learned about my birhdate is self control and think before decide! If u have two of these characteristics, it is indeed very easy to live your life according to your expectation. Avoid the thing that will complicate you without doubt and keep going, think positive, motivate yourself and most of, believe that you can do it.

Love yourself,trust your ability and be frugal to whatever unnecessary Been and done! DareRickDeVine Yes!! I love you for saying this lol. Humphray I was born Nov. I just cant understand my dreams at all. Hi this is aarif from Mumbai.. I get really distracted and frustrated.. I just don't kn what to do. And second thing I'm even eager to known about future and career.

I feel worried about it.. Can you please help me out by my birth date and tell me what should I do.. Pls help..

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Rupak shakya i am nov19 born guy. My father said me to try for job but i don't interested about it. Tara Hey don't worry.. Ease up a little bit in your life and understand that letting people into your life is really good Har koi ek jaisa nahi hota. Everyone is different and that is why everyone is interesting in their own way.. Jab tak dil saf hai aur irade nek hai kisise darne ki koi jarurat nahi.. Good luck! This is so me!!!

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Rina I can see myself with what you described. I believe the aloofness comes from being a bit shy in some situations and use it as a cover-up and when I'm in a bad mood of course. Diana Split over November 19 folks. They can be aloof too yet passionate. I've also met the other types. My take on this. It's the former who will balance out the negatives in the long run. Caitlyn True! But I think November 19 people might have troubled love life? And let's face the last part about 'knowing when to be silent' is spot on because try imagining being in another persons shoes who has to put up with us, we can be a pain in the neck at times.

Other than that I've met many others with same birthday. I prefer the warm friendly humble kind ones as oppose to the excessively arrogant stuck up annoying types therefore people are not entirely the same on this date. Rebelliousness is there for sure. Hence that whole wait for the right person. We've also got to be right person just as much when the right partner comes along.

Especially lovers. They are something like 'out of the world beauty'. Just make sure you never break this scorpio's heart, they will be someone that you will never want to miss them in any situation Tara Good try. You should add that those born on this day, though may have a few friends, but they are definitely not a bad company. Infact they can be the best friends even with the incompatible people, provided they are not being ignored or ill-treated and given time to time attention and space too. This week, resist any pressure to hurry to the other side. This week, you might feel at home in your own body, and in your own city, and in strange new places, too.

Your courage is becoming expansive, not trapped inside the walls of your own house, not contingent on favorable circumstances. You might feel an electric thrill as your power becomes mobile, able to travel with you to new buildings, new landscapes, new cities.

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Rather, this is the great gift of fully owning your own power everywhere you go. This week, pay attention to the wild energies moving and swirling around you. Pay attention to the music that hums, low and steady, in your ears. This is a time for taking stock of your life as it is right now. Are you as brave as you want to be, as generous, as ambitious?

Have your goals changed? Has your heart? It can feel a little tricky to balance your confidence with your softness and love. Some are just waiting until the wind changes, until the time is right. This week, you might feel pressure — from other people, or even from yourself — to tell the world everything you know, and tell it right now.

Opportunities, relocation, public dealings also on the Mon. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. Almost everything succeeds here — except romance.

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Law, far travel, higher education, international affairs, ethics, cultural and social rites fill Fri. You might suddenly feel the lure of a very sexy person Sat. Best stance Sat.? Be thoughtful — action not necessary.

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The focus remains on money, earnings, purchases, memory, sensual attractions and depreciating assets e. All October, money will rush toward you — but it can also rush away, so bank it, avoid debt. You might be tempted to invest — not a bad thing, but avoid impulse, think first.

You might make a sweet, light friend this October. Tackle chores this night to Wed. But do dive in Mon.

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Relationships, opportunities, negotiations and litigation, and public dealings — these face you Wed. The whole interval is strongly beneficial, except for your home or domestic links. Nothing to worry about. As usual, for best results, co-operate, be diplomatic. My advice? An exciting meeting might arise Sat. Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing remain high and strong, Libra. You might encounter an unexpected, stunning and physically stirring meeting Sunday night, but everything love-oriented, before early Monday afternoon, will likely disappoint. After this, to Wed. Tuesday, btw.

Tackle chores Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Only one caution: this interval is not a good time to communicate nor to waste time in travel. Friday night and Saturday bring relationships, relocation themes, public interfacing, opportunities and negotiations — but the flip side of these are opposition, challenge, even enmity — even war! Sidestep conflict Sat. But realize all this will lead to probable disappointment — applies until next Monday morning Oct.

Be patient, much better is brewing! Remain in the background — rest, contemplate, plan, deal with advisors, agents, institutions, head offices and civil servants. Do your karma i. Avoid belligerent people and places of violence e. Same period, be wary of volunteering for additional duties, chores or burdens.

Despite your weariness, you glow with attraction from Tuesday to Oct. Errands, contacts and communication fill Sunday daytime. Settle into home, family Sunday night to Wednesday morning.

We have the 'all clear' today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Aries

But Monday p. Romance lights your heart and puts a shine in your eyes Wed. Good luck walks with you the whole interval, with one minor glitch: you could ruin things by seeking casual sex — wait for the deeply passionate stuff. Tackle chores and minor health needs late Fri. You could even change partners. But go slow — practical realities say you might be missing key information.

The moon is in Aries today.

Wishes can come true, Sage! Now to Oct. An Aries or Libra or less so, Gemini or Virgo might be involved. So, likely, is a romantic attraction, social goals or a group involvement. Your enthusiasm usually steers you well, so rely on it this week and next — give whatever dampens your enthusiasm a wide berth.

Errands, casual contacts, paperwork, travel and communications fill Sun.