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She makes her home in the shoreline township of Clinton, Connecticut with her husband, Richard, and son, Chris. The signs tell the story of human evolution and development, and are all necessary to form the con- tinuum of whole life experience. In fact, within your own personal astrological chart, all twelve signs are indicated! Although the traditional metaphors for the twelve signs e. The Initiator, is the first sign of the zodiac and encompasses the primary concept of getting things start- ed.

This fiery ignition and bright beginning can prove to be the thrust necessary for new life. But The Initiator can also appear before a situation is ready for new change and create disruption! The Maintainer, sustains what Aries has begun and brings stability and focus into the picture, yet there can also be a tendency to try to maintain something in its current state without allowing for new growth! The Questioner, seeks to determine if alterna- tives are possible — and offers diversity to the processes Taurus has brought into stability.

Yet questioning can also lead to distraction, subsequently scattering energy and diffusing focus. The Nurturer, provides the qualities necessary for growth and security and encourages a deepening awareness of the emotional needs. Yet this same nurtu- rance C2in stifle individuation if it becomes smothering.

The Loyalist, directs and centralizes the experi- ences Cancer feeds. This quality is powerfully targeted toward self-awareness, but can be short sighted. The Modifier, analyzes the situations Leo brings to lightand determines possibilities for change. Even though this change may be in the name of improvement, it can lead to dissatisfaction with the self if not directed in harmony with higher needs. The Judge, is constantly comparing everything to be sure that a certain level of rightness and perfection is presented. However, The Judge can present possibilities which are harsh and seem to be cold or without feeling.

The Catalyst, steps into the play of life to pro- vide the quality of alchemical transformation. The Cata- lyst can stir the brew just enough to create a healing potion, or may get things going to such a powerful extent that they boil out of control. The Adventurer, moves away from Scor- pio'sdimension to seek what lies beyond the horizon. The Adventurer continually looks for possibilities which answer the ultimate questions, but may forget the path- way back home. The Pragmatist, attempts to put everything into its and find ways to make life work rightful place out Although The Pragmatist can teach lessons "right.

The Reformer, looks for ways to take what Capricorn has built and bring it up to date. Yet there is also a tendency to scrap the original in favor of a new plan which may not have the stable foundation necessary to operate effechvely. The Visionary, brings mysticism and imagina- Pisces. The Visionary can pierce the veil, returning enlightened to the physical world.

The challenge is to avoid getting lost within the illusion of an alternate reality. Your astro- — logical chart which is calculated using the date, time, and place of your — birth contains many factors which symbolically represent needs, expression, and experi- ences which make up the whole YOU. A professional astrologer interprets this symbolic picture, offering you an accurate portrait of your personality.

The chart itself, your horoscope, is a symbol of the individual as a complete person. Qenerally, a natal or birth horoscope is drawn on a circular wheel. The wheel is divided into twelve segments, called the Houses. Each of the twelve houses represents a different facet of the individual, much like the facets of a brilliantly cut stone. Your houses indicate the different environments in which you live your life and express yourself e.

In each environment, you show a dif- ferent facet of yourself. At home, you may represent yourself quite differently than you would on the job. Additionally, in each relationship you will project a dif- ferent part of yourself. Parents rarely see the side we show to our intimate friends.

Within the circle and inside the houses are placed the symbols for the planets. Sun and Moon. Each of these represent energy. You experience and express the energy of the Sun, Moon, and planets in specific ways. Refer to the table on the following page for quick reference. In most cases, the left side of this horizon is called the Ascendant.

The zodiac sign on the Ascendant is your Rising sign. This point in the chart shows the mask of your personality, and indicates the way others are likely to view you. In a nutshell, the Sun, Moon, or planet indicate what the energy is, much like the actor in a drama. The sign shows how the energy works, like the role the actor plays in a drama. The house indicates where the energy oper- ates, like the setting or scene of a play.

On a psychologi- cal level, the Sun represents who you think you are, the Ascendant, who others think you are, and the Moon shows your innerself. In addition, astrologers also study the geometric relationships between the Sun, Moon, and planets to one another. These geometric angles are called "aspects. Sometimes, particular patterns also appear within an astrological chart. These patterns also have meaning. To understand cycles for any given point in time, astrologers study several factors.

One commonly used technique is called the transit. The term transit refers to the position of a planet at a given time. Using the posi- tions of the planets. Sun, and Moon for any given date, an astrologer compares that position to your birth horo- scope. The transit indicates an activation of energy in a particular area of your chart. The Sun Sign Book is written using the technique of transits. As you can see, your Sun sign is only one factor among many which describes who you are, but it is a powerful one!

As the symbol of the ego self, the Sun in your chart shows your drive to be noticed as a significant human being. Most people can easily relate to the con- cepts associated with their Sun sign, since it is tied to the ego or sense of personal identity. Using This Book The horoscopes in the following section are based upon the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth. If you would like more informa- tion to accompany the guidelines in this book, you might appreciate the personalized, more detailed insights you'll receive from a competent professional astrologer.

I've described the year's major challenges and opportunities for every Sun sign in the "Year Ahead" section. The first part of the section applies to all individ- uals born under the influence of the sign. In addition, I've included information for specific birth dates that will help you understand the inner process of change you'll be experiencing during The cycles described in this section illustrate your fundamental themes for the year ahead. Consider these ideas as underlying principles that will be present throughout the entire year.

These cycles comprise your major challenges and opportunities relat- ing to your personal identity. Blend these ideas with the information you find in the monthly forecast section for your Sun sign and Ascendant. To best use the information in the monthly forecasts, you'll want to determine your Ascendant, or Rising sign. If don't know your Ascendant, the Ascendant Tables fol- lowing this description will help you determine your ris- ing sign. They are most accurate for those bom in the Western Hemisphere between degrees longitude e. These tables are only an approximation, but can be used as a good rule of thumb.

Your exact Ascendant may vary from the tables according to your time and place of birth. Once you've approximated your Ascending sign using the tables or determined your Ascendant by having your chart calcu- lated, you'll know two significant factors in your astrolog- ical chart. Read the monthly forecast sections for both your Sun and Ascendant to gain the most useful information. Your "Rewarding and Challenging Days" sections indicate times when you'll feel more centered "Reward- ing" or out of balance "Challenging".

The Rewarding Days are not the only times you can perform well, but you're likely to feel better integrated! These days support your expression of individual identity. These guidelines, although highly useful, cannot incorporate all the factors influencing your current life situation. However, you can use this information as a form of objective awareness about the way the current cycles are affecting you at an ego level.

Realize that the power of astrology is even more useful when you have a complete chart and professional guidance. The Year at a Glance An exciting change occurs during with the planets Uranus and Pluto each changing Uranus enters its signs. The information SuperHighway is a likely reality during Uranus' transit in its own sign lasting into the year In fact, we should see even greater innovations which have not yet come into form!

Pluto's ingress into Sagittarius marks a cycle which will last into the year It is likely that educational, religious, and philo- sophical issues will undergo significant alteration and transformation during Pluto's transit in Sagittarius. With two long cycles beginning near the same time, there should definitely be some reshaping in our lives on plan- et Earth. To take advantage of this period of physical, spiritu- al,and emotional shifting, you may have to be more hon- est about your own individual needs — but not in a negatively selfish form.

Our interactive lives with one another and with the other life forms on our planet need love and care. Even if we are not aware of alien life forms walking among us, we may, ourselves, feel a bit alien during this year. Find ways to use this sense of change in consciousness within your relationships. But most espe- cially, determine how to become the best expression of all that you are. Enjoy a spectacular year! Moon: Short trips, women, children, the public, do- mestic concerns, emotions, fluids, matters related to Can- cer and the 4th House.

Mercury: Communications, correspondence, phone calls, computers, messages, education, students, travel, merchants, editing, writing, advertising, signing con- tracts, siblings, neighbors, kin, matters related to Gemini, Virgo, and the 3rd and 6th Houses. Venus: Affection, relationships, partnerships, alli- ances, grace, beauty, harmony, luxury, love, art, music, social activity, marriage, decorating, cosmetics, gifts, in- come, matters related to Taurus, Libra, and the 2nd and 7th Houses.

Mars: Strife, aggression, sex, physical energy, mus- cular activity, guns, tools, metals, cutting, surgery, police, soldiers, combat, confrontation, matters related to Aries, Scorpio, and the 1st and 8th Houses. Jupiter: Publishing, college education, long-dis- tance travel, foreign interests, religion, philosophy, fore- casting, broadcasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, sports, horses, the law, matters related to Sagittarius, Pisces, and 9th and 12th House issues. Saturn: Structure, reality, the laws of society, limits, obstacles, tests, hard work, endurance, real estate, den- tists, bones, teeth, matters related to Capricorn, Aquar- ius, and the 10th and 11th Houses.

Uranus: Astrology, the New Age, technology, com- puters, modem gadgets, lecturing, advising, counseling, inventions, reforms, electricity, new methods, originality, matters related to Aquarius and the 11th House. Neptune: Mysticism, music, creative imagination, dance, illusion, sacrifice, service, oil, chemicals, paint, drugs, anesthesia, sleep, religious experience, matters re- lated to Pisces and the 12th House.

Pluto: Probing, penetration, goods of the dead, investigation, insurance, taxes, others' money, loans, the masses, the underworld, transformation, death, matters related to Scorpio and the 8th House. Your courageous spirit gladly takes on new challenges, and you may find your- self alone in the lead while others are still waiting for a signal to move!

Your daring energy can be inspiring, and leads you to "boldly go where none has gone before. Mars, whose energy represents the power to take action. It is through this energy that you show positive assertiveness and can build strength. But while you're busy forging ahead, others may experience your exuberance as abrasive. You can avoid negative confrontation and instead inspire more admiration from others by simply increasing your awareness of the effect your actions and words can have upon others. By using your ability to continually create new ideas and options for yourself, you may feel inspired in a world filled with despair or apathy.

You're hungry for a life of passion and power, but may forget to take time to enjoy what you've created or to revitalize yourself before you reach a point of exhaustion. Your excitement for life keeps you ever-youthful, and you continually create an exceptional reality for yourself and others. Your Career Development To hold your interest, a career must keep you busy and active, and you may decide to pursue an option which keeps you both physically challenged and mentally alert.

A career in athletics, coaching, fire-fighting, dancing, police work, or the military may have strong appeal. Occupations in the travel industry, beauty and hair- design, jewelry-making, auto design or mechanics, masonry, welding, or metal-working may hold your interest. You're a natural salesperson. You need a job which gives you plenty of room to exercise your inde- pendence and try some new ideas. It's more be the pursuer in the chase, since likely that you'll waiting for the other person to act can try your limited patience. Bht do watch your passion, since the shy types can easily feel overwhelmed by your exuberance.

In order to stay interested over the long-term, you'll need to feel that you have plenty of room to move, or you're like- ly to move on! Your ideal mate will enjoy your playful- ness and desire to expose the reaches of the unexplored. As a fire sign, you need a partner who understands your volatility and who knows how to stand on his or her own. Another Aries can be stimulating, but the two of you need a little time apart to keep the flames from burning out of control.

Leo's fire is a constant warmth and comfort, but be sure not to fail in your loyalty, and the fiery, flirtatious, fun-loving antics of Sagittarius can be truly invigorating. Taurus' sensual appetites are quite appealing, but you may become irritated with their slower pace. The diversity of Gemini challenges your mind, and you'll both enjoy your battles of wits. Although you enjoy the protective feeling of Cancer at home, you'll run into trou- ble if you fail to show up for dinner on time! As a work- ing partner, Virgo can be excellent and may have strong appeal, but you may feel pressured by their expectations.

Enticed by your provocative opposite. Libra, you can feel you've met your match, but may find their demands for refinement difficult to satisfy all the time. An intense relationship with Scorpio definitely lights your fire, but your flame may wane if they try to over- power you with control games. And while Capricorn provides intrigue, your passion can cool in the face of all those rules and commitments.

There may be a natural ease with independent Aquarius, whose friendship and support offer plenty of room for your individual expres- sion. With Pisces, you can forgive a sense of not quite knowing where you stand, since you may feel a deep bond of friendship and closeness once you drop your barriers. You shine in positions of leadership and can be a powerful motivator of others, but in many instances, the responsibilities which come with power can dampen your spirit unless you can find fresh ways of approach- ing these responsibilities and see them as a means to gain even greater autonomy.

You have the power to get things moving again when everyone else has come to a grinding halt, although you can become domineering or selfish when faced with inaction on the part of others. Remember your tendency to "unintentionally" run rough-shod over another, leaving trauma or hurt feelings in your wake. An uncooperative or defensive backlash from others can result if you continue merrily on your way, not realizing the responses others have to you and your actions.

You have chosen the path of self-knowledge, which can only come from exploring both the outside world and the inner path to your True Self. And as you continue this exploration, your light shines brightly, illuminating a path of possibilities when others have lost their way. Many of your old attitudes about yourself, your needs, and your life choices may also be changing and dissolving, since your connection to your inner self is more marked now. You're paving the way for several years of positive personal self-expression, and may feel an increased clarity in your insight toward future possi- bilities.

A sharpening of your intuitive insights may lead to you taking your life choices which can be posi- risks in but you are also primed to remove any tively inspiring, unnecessary psychological or physical baggage in order to move ahead as far as you can. Jupiter transits in your Solar 9th House throughout the year, a cycle which encourages you to explore and expand your philosophi- cal attitudes, ethical stances, and need to connect with your higher mind. This period can stimulate a desire to increase your knowledge or expertise in an area through study, teaching, or writing, but this is also an exciting cycle for travel, involvement in cultural affairs and dis- covery of what lies beyond your own backyard.

You may not feel particularly inclined toward hard work, since your underlying feeling is to take it easy and enjoy the ride. But if you do have particular aims or goals, focusing the power of Jupiter trine to your Sun can help you reach further and progress more quickly. In fact, there are other aspects involved which may require you to apply yourself or lose a significant opportunity! You may feel that many of your plans for action seem to be delayed or thwarted in some way, and that your physical energy and drive are not quite up to their usual spark in the first quarter of this year.

Your plane- tary ruler. Mars, will be in its cycle of retrograde from January 2 through March 24, and reaches its aphelion its position of greatest distance from the Sun in its orbit on March It may not be until after the Vernal Equinox on March 20 that you begin to feel as though your life is moving in the direction you want it to go, and at the pace you prefer! The Solar Eclipses this year emphasize your finances and material concerns, but also mark a period of increased awareness of the best ways to use all your resources including time and physical energy.

It's criti- cal for you now to uncover and truly appreciate your value as a person. You may also find it easier to acknowl- edge the contributions and worth of significant others in your life, particularly if you have a partner. If you were bom from March , you're feeling the powerful stimulation of insight and understanding which can be the result of Uranus and Pluto transiting in strong aspect to your Sun.

This cycle is usually accompanied by a feeHng of increased self-awareness, and can be a time of significant healing and revitalization. If you're consider- ing making far-reaching changes in your work or profes- sion, this is an exceptional time to take the steps which will make those changes a reality. Use the energy of Uranus transiting in sextile to your Sun from March through June to emphasize your and unique abil- talents ities. Many times, circumstances change during this cycle which open a pathway which was previously closed to you. You simply have to be sufficiently aware to take the right steps on a newly illumined path.

With the energy of both of these planets working to support change and growth, you can move further, faster than in the past. Take the time to get in touch with your inner and Higher Self. Determine for yourself the things which are more important to you, and use this time to develop those aspects of your life. Also remember that you may not be able to take all the vestiges of your previous existence with you.

Those things which are no longer in harmony with your growth are definitely dissolving, and you're learning how it feels to be free. For those bom from March April 1, the support- ive energy of Jupiter transiting in trine aspect to your Sun brings a period of expansion and opportunity. During this cycle of accumulation, you may draw to yourself circumstances which are more comfortable and may also see improvements in your relationships as a result of developing greater tolerance and understanding.

This is an excellent time to share your good fortune with those you love, to offer your- self — through using your resources, talents or abilities and widen your sphere of influence. Concentrate on developing some humility during this cycle, since this energy can also stimulate a feeling of exaggerated self- importance! You're feeling an undercurrent of separation from many elements of your past this year if you were bom from March April The energy of Saturn transiting in semisextile to your Sun stimulates an increased sense of realistic perception, and may also put you closely in touch with all the things you've accumulated that have become excessive or unnecessary.

Review your relation- ships for attitudes and interactions which seem out of place. Perhaps you have been hanging on to immature attitudes which have infringed upon your forward progress, especially in your intimate relationships or career development. Becoming real is sometimes painful, since you have to release those Peter Pan ideas and deter- mine the best ways to become responsible for yourself and your needs.

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Your reward comes from finding a way to incorporate that vitality, youthfulness, and innovation into your life in ways which help you feel more substan- tial. You are more likely to lose those freedoms you so deeply cherish if you cannot find a way to secure them as a true part of yourself! If you were bom from April , you may be feel- ing a bit confused about the nature of reality while Neptune transits in square aspect to your Sun.

Sorting through this period requires diligence and effort on your part, since it is all too easy to become lost in misguided delusions. Things which may have once seemed insignifi- cant may now take on an entirely different meaning. You're gaining a new level of awareness of yourself and your surroundings, but may feel that you're in foreign To incorporate these new dimensions territory. The difficulties during this cycle result from getting involved in circumstances, belief sys- tems, or relationships which you cannot see clearly.

Seek advice from trusted sources. Make daily contact with your inner self to be sure you know what you're feeling, and wait a while to determine whether or not you're willing to make long-lasting commitments to these new realities, since many of them are illusory, while others are the prelude to what can become a whole new world.

Your sense of rebelliousness and determination to be yourself are strongly marked if you were bom from April , while Uranus transits in square to your Sun. This year marks a cycle of breakthrough, but can also signify a period of breaking away from life circum- stances, relationships, or attitudes which have stifled your self-expression and personal growth. The difficulty is in determining boundaries, since it may seem that the best avenue of expression is to throw it all out and start over again. Before you toss your old life into the dump- ster, take some time to carefully determine your needs.

You may just need to eliminate part of your old self! Neg- ative attitudes of stubborn independence can also be emphasized now, and others may accuse you of being unfeeling or selfish. Certainly, the most significant part of this cycle is letting go and moving forward, but what you're really needing now is to let go of those expres- sions and situations which are in the way. If any of those are coming from you, you have the greatest power now to do an about-face and take a good look in the mirror. It's time to be all that you truly wish to be and to remove the masks. If you were bom from April , you're also feel- ing a deep sense of discontent with some elements of your life.

Pluto's transit in quincunx to your Sun is like that itch you can't quite reach.

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Now a great time to get involved in is introspective analysis, therapeutic counseling, or self- improvement. But it's also the time to look at your deep- er emotional needs and to become more intimately aware of yourself, your relationships, and your underlying motivations.

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Watch your physical health, since this is a time when the body tends to experience a purging of old toxic material. If you persist in adding more toxins to your body, your system can feel sluggish and over- whelmed. Try this one on for size: It's time to get clear! Tools to Make a Difference Your mind may be more active than usual this year, and finding positive outlets for your ideas can be positively illuminating!

Keeping a journal or some record of your thoughts may offer the opportunity to express some unique ideas, but could also lead to solutions to some of your deeper questions. If you write or work in a profes- sion which requires sharing ideas, take every opportuni- ty to teach, train, or inspire others. Even though this may be a highly active year, you need to concentrate on maintaining a connection still with your inner self.

Active approaches to inner aware- ness, through martial arts, hatha yoga, running, or danc- ing may give you the time to clear your mind and open more to yourself. Every action and each thought are manifested in some element of your life, and the sense of control you need to achieve now might be enhanced by simply becoming more aware of the direct link between cause and effect!

Use the concept of crystalline clarity when you feel distracted or overwrought. Envision a small, crystal- clear form of yourself. Imagine that you can hold this small self in the palm of your hands. Send warmth, ener- gy and love to this being. Then, bring this image of your- selfdeep into the center of your heart. Know that you are also held just as securely in the heart of Divine Wisdom. Affirmation for the Year "I am inspired by truth to walk the path toward my own enlightenment.

Broaden is your cultural interests or spend some extra time reading or studying. Community or club activities also figure prominently. Seek options which are entertaining and also provide sound training after the 22nd. You may find just the spark you need to enliven a love relationship or seek a new love interest while trav- eling or through educational pursuits after the 7th. New pursuits fare best from the lstth, and you're more likely to prefer sharing quiet time at home during the Full Moon on the 16th.

Overall, this is a socially active month when friends and family alike may delight in your entertaining antics. Bring differences out into the open on the 17thth to clear the air. Investments and long-range financial plans show success from the 14thth. But watch for delays after the 26th, when Mer- cury moves into its retrograde cycle. Stay alert to the need to draw the lines between business and pleasure! Pace yourself, and find enjoyable ways to build your vitality. If it's not fun, you may not be interested! But if you're a busy volunteer, these circumstances are a more likely culprit.

Reevaluate your priorities and make some adjustments in your schedule. Romance can be powerful during the Full Moon on the 15th, although you may run into some philosophical differences with your lover. Be wary of new love interests after the 19th, when you may be seeking an escape from the ordinary and lose track of your real needs. From the lstth, concentrate on clearing the way and completing tasks already begun. Make sure to clari- fy misunderstandings, and watch a tendency to jump to conclusions before you have all the facts from the 23rdth. Strive to satisfy the more conservative side.

Learn how the system operates before you try to change it! Rewards from your career grow. Time in contempla- tion or reflection is important after the 14th. The New Moon on the 1st emphasizes growth in spiritual awareness, and you may need to seek feedback from oth- ers who share your beliefs and ideals. Conflicts between friends and lovers are possible mid-month, but friends can also be supportive if you're uncertain about a love relationship. Regardless of what others say, you must determine your true needs and take action to satisfy them on the 31st.

An advisor might offer positive insights about the best ways to manage your funds, although it's a good idea to investigate any speculative options before you jump into them. Impulsive spending from the lst-4th or 14thth may lead to regret. Work behind the scenes brings positive results from the 20thth, although you may be less than enthusiastic about the job. Surround yourself with people and situations that inspire your generosity. Find activities which show your best abilities. The Lunar Eclipse on the 15th stimulates deeper realizations about your relationship choices.

By the time of the Solar Eclipse on the 29th, you're finding better ways to embrace your own power and worth. You can continue this influence beyond the 17th, but only if you have something truly substantial to offer. Watch your own competitive nature, since your needs for attention can create confrontation with others. Capitalize on your uniqueness this month, since your ticket to stardom is in standing apart from the crowd. Go for it! Build a strong communication network with influential groups and individuals.

Avoid extreme risks from the 13thst. A more casual pace from the 10thth could lead to the under- standing interaction you desire by the time of the New Moon on the 29th. Patience may be a virtue after all! Financial disputes can spoil the mood with your partner from the 18thnd unless you're both willing to admit to your honest concerns. Take the risk of exposing your real talents and abilities from the 3rdth, while Venus with strong support from Jupiter. Be transits in Aries spending or investments from the 12thth, careful in when you may be tempted by something that isn't what it seems. Although physical activity can help release tension, be sure to allow adequate time for stretching and relaxation, especially midmonth.

Philosophical dif- ferences can be a source of dispute, and could accelerate if either of you pushes too far. Intimate relationships may suffer from misunderstandings, but these can be addressed during the Full Moon on the 12th when you may realize you agree, but just seem to speak a different language! The New Moon on the 27th emphasizes a need to make contact with family; however, it may be brief. Mercury's retro- grade through the 17th may provide a good chance to review details, although it's easy to overstep boundaries or to feel taken for granted from the llthth.

Search for areas of consensus from the 18thst. Then, start anew. If possible, take charge. Satisfy your inner needs by remaining creative. Refrain from high-risk activities or circumstances which could lead to physical exhaustion. Friction with your partner can result from frustrated sexual energy after the 17th, it's best to bring concerns out in the open. There's opportunity for more experimental and futuristic thinking mid-month. Speculative ventures fare best after the New Moon on the 27th, when unexpected changes may provide opportunities which did not previously exist.

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Safeguard against deception from others on the 23rdth, when your naivete can be your downfall. However, your enthusiasm can be an irritant to others who might prefer subtlety. Fine-tune your skills fromihe 10thth. Enjoy yourself! Pow- erful interchange during the Full Moon on the 10th can solidify a friendship, but avoid becoming too obsessive on the 21stnd or you'll alienate your best allies!

Be sure you're not sending mixed signals from the 27thst, when you must make your intentions crystal clear to avoid rejection. Generally, finances should improve now, and if you're looking for advance- ment, make your best efforts from the 5thth. Schedule adjustments or changes in working conditions can lead to improvements after the New Moon on the 25th, when attention to detail is crucial to success. Speak out for yourself. Make a concerted effort to dis- cover the ways you could be your own worst enemy. Take time to improve your skills, too. Pace yourself the rest of the month.

Open new horizons in your love life by expanding your mind, sharing your views and incorporating new ideas from the lstst. By the New Moon on the 24th you're in an excellent position to determine if you really like your partner if you have one. Maybe it's time to lower a few. Before you react, determine the situation.

Use Mercury's retrograde cycle, which begins the 22nd, to remedy prob- lems and review, but don't expect more permanent solu- tions until next month. Make a special effort to listen to others following the New Moon on the 24th, but be sure you understand what they really want before you agree! The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th emphasizes a need to achieve a real equanimity and bal- ance in your personal relationships.

If things have been lopsided, then this is definitely the time to change! Sexu- al intimacy is both stimulating and solidifying to your relationship from the 8thth. However, if you feel there are power-plays, you must address them directly. Work together with others to find solutions, and you may just place yourself in a position for advancement by the 26th.

The wheels of progress are finally turning again and you can feel motion. Generously acknowledge oth- ers whose help has lead to your success. If you have a chance to coach or teach others, you're likely to enjoy great results. Travel can also bene- fit your health. Consider travel from the 4thth as a means to stimulate deeper love or, if you're looking for a relationship, as a way to meet a fas- cinating person. If you're hesitant about asking for cer- tain needs, carefully explore your fears, which may be rooted in the past and have little to do with the present situation. Seek out a quiet, intimate environment to explore some exceptional fantasies on the 21stnd.

Certainly take care of your current needs, but also allow time to develop a positive plan for later. Make presentations or attend classes or workshops this month which will improve your professional standing. After the New Moon on the 22nd, you're in a great position to achieve strong recognition for your efforts.

It's time to move ahead with hope and confidence. Your ambition may be strong now, and you can move ahead. Allow time to de-stress after the 19th, when relaxation and rejuvenation are necessary. Your eagerness can if work to your advantage during the Full Moon on the 6th. But regardless of the situation, be sure you know who's on the other end of your advances from the 12thst, when you might be more enthralled with a fantasy. Con- flict with parents can get in the way of an intimate rela- tionship, but only you can decide if you're willing to take the risks of following your heart.

Be careful in your spending from the 17thst, when impulsiveness can be costly. Use your best judgment in investment fol- lowing the New Moon on the 21st, when you're standing on a firmer foundation for long-term growth. Carefully review details of legal agreements from the 27thst. However, you are driven by the desire to express and experience the deepest possible love. Ruled by the energy of Venus, you are drawn to the many expressions of love and beauty, and may be espe- cially fond of naturally occurring splendor.

Many forms of artistry can attract your interest, and you may be gift- ed in these areas as a form of creative expression. You search for qualities which will endure through time and appreciate those things which have proven themselves worthy of this test. While others may lose faith, your steadfastness can provide a welcome haven in the storms of life. Some- times, however, your stubborn resistance gets in the way of change, since you are determined not to let go of what you possess.

Using your ability to create strong emotion- al safeguards, you can learn to let go by understanding that your integrity and personal strength can allow room for changes. Through mastering your own sense of values, you are learning ways to recognize those attachments which actually may keep you from experiencing the true nature of love.

In fact, by releasing what you no longer need, you make room foreven more love to flow into your life. Your Approach to Romance Looking forsomeone "to have and to hold," you express loyalty in love and can be a dedicated and highly affec- tionate partner. Your tender, yet strong, physical expres- sion of love is enhanced by a natural sensuality and enjoyment of the good things life has to offer.

Although you may be seeking love which endures the test of time, you may quickly become attached to anyone who draws your affection or interest. As an earth sign, you are most stimulated by a rela- tionship which has substance. You may feel most com- fortable with others who share the earthy element Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Capricorn's drive to secure financial stability is highly appealing, and you may truly enjoy the mutual appreciation with another Taurean whose commitment promotes trust and longevi- ty. Virgo understands and supports your need for com- fort and will enjoy your quiet solidity.

Aries can be highly attractive, but may push you before you're ready to move. Gemini's versatility chal- lenges you to become more adaptable. Your desire for home and family may be shared by Cancer, with whom you could create an easy contentment. And although you may feel ego conflicts with Leo, their loyalty and drama can be highly appealing. Libra's refined grace is enticing, but their indecision can drive you crazy.

Scorpio, your opposite sign, definitely stimulates powerful passion and may surpass your own possessive- ness. Sagittarius' playfulness and generosity is enjoyable, but you may feel you don't see enough of one another. You can be baffled by the detachment of Aquarius, and feel that you are not given enough personal attention. With Pisces, you can share the fantasy of romance, together building a place for your dreams to become reality.

Your Career Development You can work hard if you know it will lead to reward, and seek a career which presents a stable base and shows a promise of growth. You're likely to have a good head for business and recognize a reliable opportunity when it comes along. With your natural sense of structure and design, you might enjoy working in the building indus- try, furniture construction, or architectural design. In the arts, you may enjoy floral arranging, sculpting, or pot- tery,and may also be an accomplished singer.

Ranching, farming, gardening, landscape design, and forestry offer positive expressions of your energy. You can be an encouraging counselor or teacher. Work in a restaurant, bakery, or grocery store appeals to your love for food. Also, the beauty or cosmetic industry, hairdressing or clothing design, sales, and manufacturing can be positive outlets for your desire to remain creative.

Your Use of Power Your power often comes through building a fortress of strength which no threat can penetrate. By creating this feeling within yourself, you generate personal power. But you may also desire to surround yourself with a loyal company or family and substantial material resources.

Greed or excessive possessiveness can be expres- sions of an abuse of your power.

grahamalika yoga horoscope

You may be challenged with the desire "to have" versus the experience "to be," and you can block your own progress when you refuse to yield to necessary changes. Learning to let go is not an easy assignment for you! Through accepting the value of other people around you and sharing your own resources, you may discover a kinship which knows no boundaries and withstands every imaginable test.

You have an innate tie with Moth- er Earth and can conserve and utilize her resources as part of your quest for true power. Assure a positive future for your children and forthcoming generations by replenishing Earth's riches. This can be your true expres- sion of an endless love which endures beyond time. You are seeking more purposeful expressions of your talents and abilities, and may feel that you're on the brink of a profound breakthrough.

Friends can play a powerful role now, and may become your most significant resource for advance- ment and support. While Jupiter transits through your Solar 8th House, you may be feeling more curious about the origins of many elements of your life. This cycle can provoke a sense of greater satisfaction from any close partnerships you have formed, but can stimulate jealousy if you're feeling insecure about your own resources or abilities. Take this time to express your gratitude for the love and support of others in your life, instead of taking their help for granted.

Use this time to share ventures with other individuals whose resources, coupled with your own, can create greater impact or accumulate more significant rewards. Chiron's transit also enhances this need to join with others in creative pursuits, and may propel you to spend more time expressing your own talents. Using your abilities now can have a healing effect in your life. This may also be a meaningful year concerning your rela- tionship with children. The Solar Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio are espe- cially significant for you this year, since they bring emphasis to your need to become more aware of your psychological projections.

Many times, the elements of our psyche we have difficulty accepting or incorporating into our own lives are easily projected upon others. Through relationships we can learn about our inner self, and this is the time to determine the elements of your own power as well as uncovering your fears or insecuri- ties so you can develop into a more complete individual. Partnership can flourish under this cycle, but you are challenged to develop a more conscious awareness of the difference between your needs and feelings and those of your partner. As always, the link between emotional, spiritual, and physical needs is important, but this year you are capable of balancing these elements of your life to create greater vitality.

If you were born from April , you're experi- encing a feeling of breaking away from the established order of things while Uranus transits in square to your Sun and Pluto travels in quincunx to your Sun. These cycles influence deep level changes, and may be espe- cially helpful if you're making major alterations in your life. Choices in your career path may be more challeng- ing, since you are likely to feel a need to be more inde- pendent. You may be stimulated to seek out directions which are more personally gratifying and which offer a chance for you to express your unique vision and ideas to the world.

This is a time of emergence, but you may also feel a bit vulnerable within this period since you might be dealing with people or circumstances which are basically unfamiliar to you. Review your feelings about your relationship with your parents now, since you may find that you are not driven as strongly to satisfy their expectations, and are, instead, feeling a powerful need to create life on your terms.

If you know deep within that you need to make changes, but are reluctant to take steps to initiate those changes, you may feel that life is out of control and changing in a confusing way. Sometimes, cir- cumstances change around you, and your only option is to choose the best manner of response! Pluto's cycle can be especially frustrating physically, so it's important to be alert to any changes in your energy and take measures to keep yourself healthy and strong. Chronic problems which have been ignored are likely to surface now so you can deal with them directly.

Adjustments to your lifestyle, diet, or attitudes may be necessary to achieve the best level of health during this cycle. If you were bom from April May 17, you'll ben- efit through creating long-range goals and plans while Saturn transits in sextile to your Sun. If you are dissatisfied with the rewards your career provides, then it is important for you to reevaluate your reasons for remaining on that path. You may simply need to realign your priorities and set some reasonable goals. But if you do find that you want to make major changes, your previous performance or experience will certainly be one of the primary criteria for your advance- ment or acceptance in a new position.

This is an excellent year to take a leadership role in a group or organization, and would also be a good time to become politically active or express your views through effective and posi- tive outlets. One thing is certain during this period you — will be held accountable for your actions! Any Saturn cycle brings a period of greater accountability, even if the cycle is a supportive one. You might appreciate the fact that you have a wide range of choices regarding this accountability, and that you can make a significant differ- ence is feeling greater happiness about the things for which you have to claim responsibility.

If you were born from May , Neptune is tran- siting in trine aspect toyour Sun, bringing an energy of increased imagination and creativity. If you are involved in music or the arts, you may find that recogni- tion for your talents soars during this year. You can cer- tainly develop any creative talents more effectively now, and even if you do not feel that you are artistically gifted, your imaginative ideas may offer a wide range of possi- bilities for improvement in your life.

Spiritually, this cycle stimulates a stronger feeling of connection to that realm which is beyond the physical. Psychic abilities can be strengthened, and you may feel that your conscious- ness is expanding. Since this is also a period of enhanced sensitivity, you may feel drawn to put forth some efforts in charitable causes, or to direct your energy to help oth- ers who need assistance.

Your sensibilities increase on every level now, including physically, and you may be more sensitive to your environment and the people with- in it. Avoid the downfall which can result from losing touch with your personal boundaries during this period. You might respond quite favorably to natural remedies and changes in your dietary choices. And within the context of relationships, try to remain objective about your actual and realistic rolewhen your partner, lover, parent, or child have prob- lems.

They may need your help, but you may also need to allow them to learn some lessons on their own! Deep and powerful changes are occurring in your you were bom from May You are experienc- life if ing two cycles which create the need to break free and eliminate your attachment to things you no longer need. Uranus is transiting in trine aspect to your Sun, stimulat- ing a bit of rebellion and also heightening your intuitive awareness. This cycle is frequently associated with posi- tive changes in personal relationships, and can also be a period in which you seem to be in the right place at the right time!

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But you are also experiencing some levels of psychological stress from Pluto's transit in opposition to your Sun, and you may not fully trust the opportunities for transformation which are at your doorstep. One thing is sure: what you no longer need will begin to fall away from your life!

It's best to cooperate and search for positive ways to utilize these changes instead of bemoaning your fate that you could not stay exactly the same. What is most difficult about such a cycle as this is dealing with your own attachments. Even if you want to make changes, you may still feel a sense of loss. That grief over the loss even the loss of a detrimental habit must be acknowledged before you can effectively continue with your life.

This is definitely a period in which your spiritual and psycholog- ical strength are enhanced. You may not feel like letting new people into your life during these processes of trans- formational change, but you must acknowledge the new elements of your Self which are emerging. This is a period of profound healing and can be a time of tremendous progress in personal growth and awareness. Tools to Make a Difference You can stimulate some positive avenues for growth this year by taking time each day to become aware of your feelings and needs.

In the beginning of the day, spend a few minutes just allowing yourself to connect to the inner core of yourself. Deep breathing, meditation, or physical exercise are all workable techniques. Then, before you close the day and go to sleep, allow yourself to gather your energy once again so you can rest more effectively. In order to accomplish some of the changes you wish to see in the world around you, you might want to get involved in a special interest group or even take time to become politically active.

You don't have to run for office, but you might feel more in control of your destiny if you at least let your legislators know how you feel about issues which are important to you. To maintain your physical vitality, direct some efforts toward gaining a better understanding of your own particular physical needs. If you have any chronic problems, find out about them, and determine what you can do personally to make a difference. Consider adding more "live" foods to your diet such as sprouts, more fresh fruits and vegetables, and juices to increase your vitality.

Use your senses to help you enhance your life by staying in touch with the living, breathing Earth. During your meditations, concentrate upon creating a feeling of continuity. See yourself walking through an ancient forest which readily welcomes your energy and essence. Stop and listen to the sounds of life. Reach out and touch the soft earth, enjoy the fresh smell of the trees and the fragrant flowers. Imagine the forest changing — through the seasons from the cold solitude of winter, to the new life of spring, the vibrancy of summer, and transformation of autumn.

Carry this memory of contin- ual change and growth into every activity, knowing that these processes renew and stabilize your own vitality and creativity. Affirmation for the Year "I am revitalized by the knowledge that am I actively creating my own destiny. Change Residence July Aug. Start a Diet Jan. Finances need special attention. Explore enjoyable forms of exercise and activity. Avoid stagnation. Approach your sexual needs with personal honesty, staying aware of precious moments you share. New love or uplifting an existing relationship arises through devel- oping creativity, enjoying the arts, or improving your spiritual disciplines such as meditation.

The New Moon on the 1st emphasizes a period of more flowing commu- rucation reaching a peak during the Full Moon on the 16th. Advice from a friend proves helpful after the 22nd.

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  5. Final agreements are best from the Ist-lOth, but unresolved issues can deteriorate from the 18thth, when power sti-uggles may be highly emotional. Review details after Mercury enters its retrograde on the 26th, and pull back from signing contracts after that time. Sat- isfy authorities after the New Moon on the 30th. Travel, teach- ing, or educational pursuits can be highly satisfying. Release anger and build your vitality by stay- ing physically active. A new level of love emerges as you blend spiritu- al yearnings and emotional desires.

    Improved under- standing of yourself and your partner helps to override much of the inner turmoil that arises from power strug- gles or anger. Find common ground instead of concen- trating on differences during the Full Moon on the 15th. If you feel competitive or angry about your work situation, find things you can do within your- self to change first. Then negotiate agreements. Because there are risks involved, it is impossible to know whether the offer will work out well, and you consequently are likely to feel uncertain what to do. In truth, there is definitely the potential for opening up new avenues for success and fulfillment, but there is also a tendency to overshoot the mark due to overoptimism and a willingness to gamble and speculate.

    The best course is usually to proceed with some kind of plan, but to thoroughly investigate all details as much as possible and to avoid wild speculation. Improved relationships with neighbors and those people you meet on a regular basis in the day-to-day business of life, are likely now. You are more tolerant and forgiving and more willing to remain open-minded on topics you might have been quick to criticize or disregard in the past. Restlessness, both physical and mental, may cause you to take frequent short trips which are both entertaining and educational. Beginning a new course of study is excellent now.

    This a good time for you to be an actor, to imagine yourself in some new way and present yourself to others in this new form. You are able to adapt yourself to a variety of situations. However, this can also be a time when you or others can engage in attacks which are not open and above-board. Your creative drive is very powerful at this time and it may be expressed as an obsessive desire to have children or an irrevocable decision not to have them in order to wholeheartedly pursue some other creative endeavor.

    If you already have children, your relationship with them will intensify. Love affairs at this time will have a very intense feeling of fatefulness and depth and will have a transformative effect upon you. Your need to be creative and to express yourself emerges very strongly now. You may come to see artistic expression in some form as a tool for deep personal healing and transformation.

    Major internal housekeeping and deep, penetrating self-analysis on your part is apt to create upheaval in your relationships. You may finally end a toxic relationship or refuse to participate in an abusive exploitative situation. Profound and fundamental changes in your orientation toward life can occur through a health crisis, or by discovering something which had been hidden until now. You may be obsessively preoccupied with aging, death, or the inevitability of change. A significant death which may happen now or even a tragedy that you hear about could trigger this.

    Many things which you have buried surface at this time, both positive, life-giving gifts or talents, and problems or issues you did not want to face. Improved family relationships, moving to a place that is larger or more comfortable, and a greater sense of inner security and contentment characterizes this time period. Investing in real estate or home improvements is likely to bring you satisfaction now, and it will also work out well for you in the long run. A tendency to be obsessive about getting a job done and to drive yourself and to overwork to the point of exhaustion or even physical breakdown is quite possible now, particularly if you are a very conscientious and responsible person.

    You take your sense of duty to extremes.

    ophiuchus zodiac sign, Ophiuchus Traits, Celebrities, astrology, horoscopes, mythology.

    The effects of accumulated stress may result in a health crisis during this period. Positively, if you dedicate yourself to rebuilding your health, you can experience a complete regeneration. Elimination of debilitating habits, such as smoking, poor diet, and so on is likely to be a part of this process. You may be obsessively self-analytical and self-critical now also, as your entire personality is undergoing a refining process at this time.

    You may want to hide out from the world at this time. You can feel so sensitive that retreat becomes attractive to you. But this can also be a period when you have the possibility of connecting with your ability to heal and with your intuition, imagination, and deeper inner self. Relationships can be very complex now as a lack of clarity, even a lack of honesty, is a possibility. Do your best to be as real with your feelings as you can be. Click for Yearly Forecast Specials.

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    Leo Ascendant Daily Horoscope Guide For those of you born with your Ascendant or Sun in the first ten degrees first decanate of Leo , this is your daily horoscope guide to the month ahead. Apr 18, Apr 18, to Apr 18, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Apr 18, Apr 17, to Apr 20, Moo 11th H. Apr 19, Apr 18, to Apr 20, Sun Sqr Asc You may feel out of step with the people in your immediate environment now, not in harmony with the intentions and desires of those you work or live with.

    Apr 19, Apr 18, to May 20, Sun 10th H. Apr 20, Apr 19, to Apr 22, Moo 12th H. Apr 22, Apr 21, to Apr 24, Moo 1st H. Apr 24, Apr 23, to May 19, Ven 11th H. Apr 24, Apr 23, to Apr 26, Moo 2nd H. Apr 26, Apr 26, to Apr 26, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

    Apr 26, Apr 25, to Apr 29, Moo 3rd H. Apr 28, Apr 26, to Apr 30, Jun Trine Asc You receive greater satisfaction from spending time with your marriage partner or mate. Apr 29, Apr 29, to May 1, Moo 4th H. May 1, May 1, to May 1, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. May 1, May 1, to May 3, Moo 5th H. May 3, May 3, to May 3, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you.

    May 3, May 3, to May 6, Moo 6th H. May 6, May 6, to May 6, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs. May 6, May 5, to May 8, Moo 7th H. May 8, May 8, to May 8, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you.

    May 8, May 7, to May 11, Moo 8th H. May 11, May 11, to May 11, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. May 11, May 11, to May 13, Moo 9th H. May 13, May 12, to May 29, Mer 10th H. May 13, May 13, to May 15, Moo 10th H. May 15, Apr 27, to Jun 4, Ura Sqr Asc Unexpected changes in your relationships and life in general occur at this time. May 15, Apr 27, to Nov 6, Ura 10th H. May 15, May 15, to May 15, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

    May 15, May 15, to May 17, Moo 11th H. May 16, May 13, to May 18, Mar Oppos Asc Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at this time, and conflicts over power and dominance may erupt. May 16, May 13, to Aug 12, Mar 7th H. May 17, May 17, to May 19, Moo 12th H. May 19, May 18, to Jun 13, Ven 12th H. May 19, May 19, to May 21, Moo 1st H.

    May 20, May 20, to May 21, Sun Sxtil Asc This is a time for being with people and especially giving something of yourself and your talents to others. May 20, May 19, to Jun 21, Sun 11th H. May 21, May 21, to May 24, Moo 2nd H. May 24, May 24, to May 24, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. May 24, May 23, to May 26, Moo 3rd H. May 26, May 25, to May 28, Moo 4th H.

    May 28, May 28, to May 28, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. May 29, May 29, to Jun 12, Mer 11th H. May 31, May 31, to May 31, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. May 31, May 31, to Jun 2, Moo 6th H. Jun 2, Jun 2, to Jun 2, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs. Jun 2, Jun 2, to Jun 5, Moo 7th H. Jun 5, Jun 5, to Jun 5, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you.

    Jun 5, Jun 4, to Jun 7, Moo 8th H. Jun 7, Jun 7, to Jun 7, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Jun 7, Jun 6, to Jun 9, Moo 9th H. Jun 9, Jun 8, to Jun 12, Moo 10th H. Jun 12, Jun 12, to Jun 12, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

    Jun 12, Jun 12, to Jun 14, Moo 11th H. Jun 12, Jun 12, to Jun 29, Mer 12th H. Jun 13, Jun 8, to Jun 17, Ves Qucnx Asc This can be a frustrating period when impossible demands may be placed on your time and energy. Jun 13, Jun 13, to Jun 14, Ven Conj Asc At this time you come across in an appealing, charming, openly affectionate manner which is likely to win you new friends and admirers. Jun 13, Jun 12, to Jul 9, Ven 1st H.

    Jun 14, Jun 14, to Jun 16, Moo 12th H. Jun 16, Jun 16, to Jun 18, Moo 1st H.

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    Jun 18, Jun 18, to Jun 20, Moo 2nd H. Jun 20, Jun 20, to Jun 20, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Jun 20, Jun 20, to Jun 22, Moo 3rd H. Jun 21, Jun 20, to Jul 22, Sun 12th H. Jun 22, Jun 22, to Jun 24, Moo 4th H. Jun 24, Jun 24, to Jun 24, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Jun 24, Jun 24, to Jun 27, Moo 5th H. Jun 27, Jun 27, to Jun 27, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you.

    Jun 27, Jun 26, to Jun 29, Moo 6th H. Jun 29, Jun 29, to Jun 30, Mer Conj Asc Sales, teaching, public speaking, negotiating, or any endeavor that involves giving information to others is favored now. Jun 29, Jun 28, to Sep 5, Mer 1st H. Jun 30, Jun 29, to Jun 29, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs.

    Jun 30, Jun 28, to Jul 2, Moo 7th H. Jul 1, Jun 28, to Jul 3, Jun Sqr Asc There is a possibility that your mate or marriage partner will be in disagreement with you over a certain matter in the relationship. Jul 2, Jul 2, to Jul 2, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jul 2, Jul 2, to Jul 4, Moo 8th H. Jul 5, Jul 4, to Jul 4, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now.

    Jul 5, Jul 4, to Jul 7, Moo 9th H. Jul 7, Jul 6, to Jul 9, Moo 10th H. Jul 9, Jul 9, to Jul 9, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Jul 9, Jul 8, to Jul 11, Moo 11th H. Jul 9, Jul 8, to Aug 6, Ven 2nd H. Jul 11, Jul 10, to Jul 13, Moo 12th H.

    Jul 11, Jul 9, to Jul 13, Pal Conj Asc During this time, you will concentrate your thoughts on your own individual direction. Jul 13, Jul 12, to Jul 15, Moo 1st H. Jul 15, Jul 14, to Jul 17, Moo 2nd H. Jul 17, Jul 17, to Jul 17, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Jul 17, Jul 16, to Jul 19, Moo 3rd H. Jul 19, Jul 18, to Jul 22, Moo 4th H. Jul 22, Jul 22, to Jul 22, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now.

    Jul 22, Jul 22, to Jul 24, Moo 5th H. Jul 22, Jul 21, to Aug 22, Sun 1st H. Jul 24, Jul 24, to Jul 24, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jul 24, Jul 24, to Jul 27, Moo 6th H. Jul 27, Jul 27, to Jul 27, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs.

    Jul 27, Jul 26, to Jul 29, Moo 7th H. Jul 29, Jul 29, to Jul 29, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Jul 29, Jul 28, to Aug 1, Moo 8th H. Aug 1, Aug 1, to Aug 1, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Aug 1, Aug 1, to Aug 3, Moo 9th H. Aug 3, Aug 3, to Aug 5, Moo 10th H. Aug 5, Aug 5, to Aug 5, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

    Aug 5, Aug 5, to Aug 7, Moo 11th H. Aug 6, Aug 5, to Sep 9, Ven 3rd H. Aug 7, Aug 7, to Aug 9, Moo 12th H. Aug 9, Aug 9, to Aug 11, Moo 1st H. Aug 11, Aug 11, to Aug 13, Moo 2nd H. Aug 12, Aug 8, to Aug 19, Mar Oppos Asc Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at this time, and conflicts over power and dominance may erupt.

    Aug 12, Aug 11, to Sep 10, Mar 6th H. Aug 14, Aug 13, to Aug 13, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past. Aug 14, Aug 13, to Aug 16, Moo 3rd H. Aug 16, Aug 15, to Aug 18, Moo 4th H. Aug 18, Aug 18, to Aug 18, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now.

    Aug 18, Aug 17, to Aug 20, Moo 5th H. Aug 20, Aug 20, to Aug 20, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Aug 20, Aug 19, to Aug 23, Moo 6th H. Aug 22, Aug 21, to Sep 22, Sun 2nd H. Aug 23, Aug 23, to Aug 23, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs.

    Aug 23, Aug 23, to Aug 26, Moo 7th H. Aug 26, Aug 26, to Aug 26, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Aug 26, Aug 25, to Aug 28, Moo 8th H. Aug 28, Aug 28, to Aug 28, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Sep 2, Sep 2, to Sep 2, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

    Sep 4, Sep 4, to Sep 6, Moo 12th H. Sep 5, Sep 4, to Sep 21, Mer 2nd H. Sep 6, Sep 3, to Sep 8, Cer Sxtil Asc This time can be spent sharing and participating in family activities or in pursuing creative endeavors. Sep 6, Sep 6, to Sep 8, Moo 1st H. Sep 8, Sep 8, to Sep 10, Moo 2nd H. Sep 9, Sep 9, to Sep 10, Ven Sqr Asc You are a peacemaker now since harmony in your environment seems more important than ever. Sep 9, Sep 7, to Oct 31, Ven 4th H. Sep 10, Sep 10, to Sep 10, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.

    Sep 10, Sep 10, to Sep 12, Moo 3rd H. Sep 10, Sep 3, to Sep 15, Mar Oppos Asc Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at this time, and conflicts over power and dominance may erupt. Sep 10, Sep 3, to Nov 15, Mar 7th H. Sep 12, Sep 12, to Sep 14, Moo 4th H. Sep 14, Sep 14, to Sep 14, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Sep 14, Sep 14, to Sep 17, Moo 5th H.

    Sep 17, Sep 17, to Sep 17, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Sep 17, Sep 16, to Sep 19, Moo 6th H. Sep 17, Sep 14, to Sep 21, Ves Qucnx Asc This can be a frustrating period when impossible demands may be placed on your time and energy. Sep 19, Sep 19, to Sep 19, Moo Oppos Asc Your interaction and perception of others is highly colored by your past experiences and personal prejudices, tastes, and needs.

    Sep 19, Sep 18, to Sep 22, Moo 7th H. Sep 21, Sep 20, to Oct 9, Mer 3rd H. This is a good time to take a field trip or to travel for business purposes. Sep 22, Sep 22, to Sep 22, Moo Qucnx Asc People in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you.

    Sep 22, Sep 22, to Sep 24, Moo 8th H. Sep 22, Sep 21, to Sep 23, Sun Sxtil Asc This is a time for being with people and especially giving something of yourself and your talents to others. Sep 22, Sep 21, to Oct 23, Sun 3rd H. Sep 24, Sep 24, to Sep 24, Moo Trine Asc Inner harmony and a sense of flowing along comfortably with events and people are accented now. Sep 24, Sep 24, to Sep 27, Moo 9th H. Sep 27, Sep 26, to Sep 29, Moo 10th H.

    Sep 29, Sep 29, to Sep 29, Moo Sxtil Asc You seek out and receive assurance from family, old friends and allies, or even places, books, or objects from your past.