Midheaven meaning in astrology

When slow-moving planets like Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto transit the Midheaven, a difference of as little as ten minutes between the real and reported birth times can throw forecasts off by two years or more. Sky Writer Donna Cunningham's Blog on astrology, healing, and writing. Like this: Like Loading Events—Where Were the Planets?

The Axis In Astrology Explained – Ac, Ic, Dc And Mc – The Four Angles Explained

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General Astrology

Do you ever feel like you're a different person at the office? Maybe you're a little more tightly wound around your coworkers. Perhaps you're a social butterfly during work functions, but love your alone time on the weekends.

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Sure, you could blame your boss' astrological sign for your workplace quirks, but there might be another celestial factor at play here — namely, a little-known aspect of your chart known as the midheaven. Your midheaven sign is actually quite similar in function to your rising, or ascendant, sign. It isn't nearly as key to your astrological identity as your rising, but both signs can help you understand how you act when you're in a new, unfamiliar, or more formal setting. Where your rising sign is essentially your "first impression" sign, your midheaven sign can be considered your "public persona" sign, or, more specifically, the sign you express when you're at work and probably want to make yourself look good.

Tenth House and Medium Coeli

Astrologer Annie Heese writes that the midheaven's association with all things career-related because it's heavily aligned with the 10th astrological house , which rules over you guessed it our careers, public image, and how we approach structure. For example, if your midheaven sign is Libra , you may change jobs often or struggle with making quick decisions in your day-to-day work.

Meanwhile, with a Capricorn midheaven, you're probably a real workhorse who doesn't mind a job with demanding hours — or making those hours demanding for yourself. Technically speaking, the midheaven isn't a planet or an asteroid but an angle found on your chart, again, much like your rising sign. Whatever astrological sign that angle is aligned with is your midheaven sign. And, as is usually the case with these specific astrological points, you'll need to have your birth chart drawn up to discover your own midheaven sign.

It is our reputation, and forms the opinion of those who observe us, while also how we are remembered when we die.

The Midheaven by Zodiac Signs

People with a lot of planets in the 10th house will leave a deep impact after their death, and when important planets are in conjunction with the Midheaven they might even become very famous through their profession. Keep in mind that the presence of malefic planets or planets with adverse aspects might make someone known but through a negative way; the world does not only admire individuals for their achievements but can also judge them with a lot of criticism. The last degrees of the tenth house that are adjacent to the cusp of the eleventh, are the ones mostly responsible for governmental jobs, while also can signify entering elite groups of people with power.

Those degrees can signify a lot of help from groups of people in your task of creating your career.

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Also, when planets are present in this position there is a quite higher chance that you will be ruling other people when you become of age and your life has progressed enough so that you become a part of the authority. The first degrees of the cusp are mostly about creating your own profession and the direction you will try to follow in your career, and the prestige you will receive. Another thing you can examine through the 10th house is whether you will become a mentor for other people, and guide them with your influence.

It does not only signify the legacy that you will leave behind you but also how much important it will be for your followers; because this pattern continues as a fractal you can even catch some echoes of how your legacy will continue through them towards the souls of which your successors will be mentors.

The 10th house takes a lot of time to be fully developed, and many times a person cannot reach its full potential in his short lifespan. The house continues developing even when we have ceased existing in this incarnation and is strongly connected with Karma. Through the tenth house, we can invest towards next lives; while also be in debt if we misuse the power and control that it can grant us over masses. Choose wisely; Saturn is kind to those who keep their pride down to earth but can bring a lot of trouble if your high position affects negatively the ones below you.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in.

The Midheaven - work and career

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